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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  October 11, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm CDT

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kathy: an 85-year-old man robbed by a group of teens, one of the suspects is just 13-years-old. the robbery happened near 52nd and auer. joyce: wisn 12 news mike anderson spoke to the man who says one of the suspects may have actually helped him get away unharmed. eased up to his garage driving his 2008 hummer monday about 5:00 just like this. >> kids were coming down the alley. i thought i could park the car and get out and close the door before they got there. >> he was not that fast. police say a group of five were on him before he knew it. >> the had me up in their, give
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i gave them the money. >> brown says a girl was in the bunch and he believes she kept , them from hurting him. >> the girl told him you have his keys and money, give him his keys back. they did give me my keys back. >> once inside the house lee's , daughter called the police and they were fast. a few blocks away they arrested five suspects fitting the description. 13, 15, 17, and 28-year-old males and a 17-year-old female. lee has nothing but praise for the ce mayor who called him tuesday morning. >> he just asked me how i was doing. that i get hurt. he was concerned. joyce: mike goes on to report that they will present the case to the milwaukee county district attorney's office in the coming days for possible charges. kathy: after this morning's reign it turned out to be a , gorgeous day. lindsey, we are in for a change. lindsey: we are.
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swings. right now, 63 degrees. nice and mild at the moment. when that of the south at 10 miles per hour, helping to keep the temperatures up a little bit. feels like the 50's and areas to the west, but this may be too warm for thursday's high temperatures, so tomorrow morning the rain is on the way. it sweatshirts and jackets, grab them, and the rain head out the door, but it will rain throughout the day and linger through the evening commute. as you get the kids ready for the bus stop, have the umbrellas handy. temperatures will be mild. normally the bus top temperatures are cold, but it will be the ride home that will be cold. he gets windy and cooler, temperatures dropping as much is 15 degrees throughout the day, then the overnight lows could see some frost. joyce: thank you. vandals and thieves target vehicles in bay view.
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their car windows smashed their belongings gone. 12 news' nick bohr reports, police are using surveillance video to try to find the people responsible. >> throughout the bay view neighborhood if you look closely you'll see quite a few vehicles that have fallen victim. >> you feel violated. i live to 69 years, all my life, and it just seems to get a little worse every year. >> johnette ward came out to find her chevy missing four wis. into in her condo complex parking lot alone. >> i opened up the car, and the inside is covered with glass. >> nothing was missing from her car, but milwaukee police tell 12 news they're still investigating the vandalism and possible thefts from about 40 cars in the bay view area overnight. 12 news has obtained this exclusive video showing the suspects in action. they roll down an alley with their car door open, four suspects hopping out, smashing windows and grabbing what they can. they're gone in less than two minutes.
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people's property, growing up i was never taught that you would do anything like that to somebody else, you know? so, why? that is my big question. why do you do it? >> in bay view, nick bohr, wisn 12 news. joyce: milwaukee police tell 12 news they're still trying to determine if the same crew is responsible for all of the break-ins overnight. so far no one is in custody. a truck plows through a group of some activists accuse the driver of a racially motivated attack. video shows a heated exchange between those advocating for native american rights and a person in a truck. the driver hits the gas, injuring five people. a native american group involved in the rally is pushing police to file hate crime charges. kathy: commitment 2016 coverage. republican nominee donald trump is not only battling with democratic nominee hillary clinton he's taking on leaders , from his own party.
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>> trump's twitter tirade, but not against hillary clinton. >> we're in a rigged system folks. >> donald trump set his sights on the most powerful republican in washington, house speaker paul ryan, who said he wouldn't campaign for the gop nominee after his 2005 lewd comments about women came to light. truck tweeted, "our very weak and ineffective leader, paul ryan, had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his >> on november 8, the arrogance of washington, d.c. will come face to face with the righteous verdict of the american voter. we are going to smash the washington establishment. >> trump also said the shackles have been taken off me. clinton who is leading trump nationally by nine points in the latest poll, took him on in battleground florida. >> i'm running against a guy who denies science, denies climate change, says it's a hoax created by the chinese.
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nominee al gore in miami, while presidential pinch hitter president obama was on the ground in north carolina. >> as a first lady, as a senator, as my secretary of state, she knows what it means. she knows what it takes. i have seen her intelligence and judgment and temperment and her discipline. >> house speaker paul ryan's office responded to trump's twitter attack it saying ryan is , focusing the next month on republicans running for office should probably do the same. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. kathy: a wisconsin woman's twitter rant against both trump and ryan has gone viral. marybeth glenn is a conservative blogger from colby in northern wisconsin who is a harsh critic of donald trump. her long string of twitter attacks against trump and republicans who continue to support him has suddenly put her in the national spotlight. her tweets read in part, "others try to rebuke his comments, yet
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honest, that's what he is." >> to have them say they're still going to vote for them was just infuriating. i hope paul ryan walks away from it. i hope he walks away and says i'm not supporting this man in november. kathy: in the past 24 hours, she's heard from actors like mark ruffalo, politicians including lindsay graham, and harry potter author j.k. rowling. we will get a better picture tomorrow of how the race for president is shaping up in wisconsin. the new ma the last poll released three weeks ago showed clinton with a lead. two-pointjoyce: a huge haul. 600 pounds of pot plants. deputies uncover a sophisticated grow operation in northern wisconsin. three local men were busted in forest county over the weekend. wisn 12 news terry sater looks into the accusations. >> that was our greeting at the home of 32-year-old steven wasechek in milwaukee. he's accused in a probable cause
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dennis pratt of waukesha and 35-year-old kevin hying of big bend of being responsible for this what the forest county sheriff calls truckloads of marijuana 70 plants weighing more than 600 pounds. we didn't find the other suspects home when we tried to get them to respond to the accusations of manufacturing thc, possession with intent to deliver and possession of , paraphernalia and possession of cocaine. court documents say the forest task force discovered a very large outdoor marijuana grow operation in the town of armstrong creek and inside a , cabin a large bong with burnt residue, rolling papers and a clear plastic baggie on the kitchen table with a white powder substance that tested positive for cocaine. outside hying's home in big bend, he displayed a sign, we
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pending in forest county. the sheriff says there was an irrigation system including a , 500-gallon water tank. they used surveillance cameras to catch the suspects. kathy: a warning about what you throw away or try and recycle. officials from both milwaukee and waukesha gathered today to reinforce the need to properly dispose of dangerous and flammable materials. things like propane tanks, dead batteries, fire extinguishers and gasoline. , >> if it's one of these 'forbidden fruits' as i call it, please make sure that you do not put those in recycling. we want to make sure the people who are doing the recycling are safe. kathy: to learn more about what you shouldn't be putting in your recycling bin, check out joyce: oak creek mayor steve scaffidi will be talking about his book related to the sikh temple shooting. looking ahead to tomorrow mayor , scaffidi will be at the oak creek public library from 6:00 to 7:30 tomorrow evening. his book, titled six minutes in august, tells the story of the shooting that killed six people in 2012. after his talk, the mayor will
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also happening tomorrow, the your help is needed to carve pumpkins. the wehr nature center is looking for people to do some carving between 9:00 in the morning to 4:00 p.m. or until the last pumpkin is carved. no experience needed and the carving tools are supplied. kathy: two marquette lacrosse players are getting a lot of attention for a good deed. >> it's paying it forward you know? you don't look at it like you're doing a good deed for someone and if you got to know ruby, i'm , sure anyone else would do it. joyce: their way to help out their favorite cafeteria worker at the university. kathy: and a green bay police officer is getting recognition for helping out a suspect. what he did for an accused
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joyce: a green bay police officer is receiving a lot of praise online for showing compassion to a young man accused of stealing crackers. the 19-year-old student was hungry and just wanted something to eat. after taking two packages of crackers priced at $.69 each, he realized it was wrong and went back into the gas station to pay for them. but the gas station clerk was not happy and called police. the officer gave him a written warning then took him back into the store and bought him something to eat. but it doesn't stop there. >> he insisted that i did not buy him anything, so i went out and got him a bag of groceries. joyce: a woman who saw the good
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facebook page which was then , shared more than a thousand times. on the field, lacrosse players have to be tough. but off the field, two players at marquette are showing their softer side. kathy: they are a couple of softies. 12 news tim elliott introduces us to an adorable campus friendship. >> i'm just a goofball. ready to go? let's go. >> ruby brown is always on the move. >> the work never stops. >> she's a cook at marquette's cobeen hall, >> i am working on some turkey cutlets. >> responsible for feeding hundreds of students everyday. >> i should have my apron on because i i >> the food is pretty good. >> trying to get it together so lunch can be ready at 11:00. >> but it has her laugh and personality that helps her form a close bond with two student athletes. >> oh, she is the best. she's the best. always smiling. always cheering. laughing. and just grateful for everything . >> john wagner is a sophomore on
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one day, wagner, along with junior zack melillo, overheard ruby needing help. >> talking to a coworker about moving and they told me just let me know if you need some help and i was like yeah right. they're kidding. >> but this, was no joke. >> we offered to do it, next thing we know we are working for her on a saturday. >> for real? kids are going to give up their saturday you know to help somebody and do some physical labor? but they did, and it was fantastic. >> ruby offered to pay, but they refused. so she did what she does best, she gave them food. >> we got some pizza out of it everyday after a hard practice, they head on over to cobeen hall for their post-practice meal. and everyday ruby is there to greet them with a smile. >> it's paying it forward you know? you don't look at it like you're doing a good deed for someone and if you got to know ruby i'm , sure anyone else would do it. >> ruby doesn't skip a beat at work, but she'll always have time for her two friends, john and zack. >> i can tell you there is two good things left in the world. they're great guys, they really are.
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kathy: absolutely. ruby's boss was so impressed by the act of kindness, he sent this letter to the men's lacrosse coach. "these young men are the best of what i have come to expect at marquette. on behalf of ruby and the staff, thank you for bringing such fine young men to campus." the letter has already been liked thousands of times on facebook. you have to love ruby. a utah woman goes into a walmart as a mother of two and leaves as a mother of three. joyce: the pregnant woman was shopping with her family when she told a manager she wasn't feeling well. she went to register eleven to pay for her items. that manager called 911 and told the woman not to worry about paying but she insisted in , paying for the items. employees and customers all grabbed towels and sheets to help the woman deliver a baby boy. >> she was very calm. she did very well. this was her third child so she , had experienced childbirth
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it was at walmart. >> we're gonna buy her a whole bunch of goods like diapers and formula and this time we wont , make her pay. kathy: mom and baby are doing well. a father-daughter duo hit the jackpot during a visit to an arkansas state park. the state park in arkansas is the only diamond-producing site in the world where anyone can come look for the gems and keep whatever they find. in less than an hour the two found a two carat rock on the ground. there is no word yet on how much that stone is worth but you can , guarantee it's more than the $16 they spent on admission. that's a happy day. in sports, the four unbeaten teams remaining in the latest operation football poll. joyce: plus, what caused the packers' offense to go stale during sunday's win over the giants. stephanie sutton goes one on one with jordy nelson. kathy: and, more postseason
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: the cowboys lead the nfl in rushing offense. the packers have the nfl's best
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at lambeau field could be the struggling packers offense against the dallas d. 12 sports stephanie sutton has our exclusive one-on-one with packers receiver jordy nelson. stephanie: what happened after the first two series? it seemed like the offense was a little off. aaron rodgers threw two interceptions. what is your take? >> randall had a big touchdown the got called back because we were not set with 12 guys on the field. it broke o drive, there was not any of that. we were moving the ball forward. every once in a while we have miscues and do not get in the rhythm. stephanie: aaron rodgers hardly touched, wasn't sack, looking pretty good. >> absolutely. they are getting in a rhythm as well. it relates to the run game. stephanie: until a.d. lacey got injured or hurt his ankle, you guys were rolling with the
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eddie lacy had a great running game. it was against a team doing a good job of stopping the run, so again, our offensive line is doing a great job, eddie lacy is tough to bring down, 11 broken tackles yesterday, so it brings a lot of energy to our offense when he makes a big run like that. dan: thank you steph. , controversial quarterback colin kaepernick is back as the 49ers starter beginning this sunday at buffalo. kaepernick has been the backup to blaine gabbert for the one-and-four 49ers. football before the regular season ends. just a handful of unbeaten teams remaining in our area. four of them populate the latest operation football unbeaten -- operation football poll unbeaten catholic memorial , remains on top, followed by homestead and unbeaten brookfield central. franklin moves up to fourth, marquette to fifth, and unbeaten lake geneva badger is sixth. arrowhead is now seventh followed by brookfield east, new berlin eisenhower and pewaukee. the final unbeaten, milwaukee king, is now 11th, and oconomowoc drops to 12th.
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league playoffs. tonight in los angeles, the dodgers blew a lead for clayton kershaw, but chase utley singled home the go-ahead run in the eighth inning. l.a. beats washington that 6-5. series is tied at two games apiece. game five is thursday. meanwhile, the cubs are trying for there are 11 if the giants win the series, they go back to chicago for game five on thursday. this is the same score that it was last night in the 13th inning, so could be another late night in san francisco. joyce: another late night for you as you said you cannot stop watching. a final look at your forecast next. coming up after that "jimmy
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wednesday. overnight lows in the 30's. kathy: our next news is at 4:30
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